Social Share Buttons

You can add social share buttons to your content of your posts, pages, landing pages and any content that you produce with the Thrive editor.

These social share buttons are the most flexible and most advanced social sharing buttons available for WordPress.

How to Add Them to Your Content

You can find the Social Share Buttons in your Thrive Content Builder control panel, in the "Multi-Stlye Elements" section:

When you click on then, it will drop down with two options - Custom design and Default design:

You can add any of them to your content by clicking on one of the above mentioned options or by dragging and dropping.

Here is how the Custom design looks like after you've added it to your content:

This is how the Default design will show:

How to Use the Social Share Buttons

Once you have added a Social Share Button to your content, you have plenty of options. Here are the options you are offered when using the Default design:

Here is the same with Custom Social Share Buttons:

Let's run through all the different options:

Social Option

Here you can set what buttons you want to display, and you can configure the options of each button.

1. Select the Buttons You Want To Display

Here you can set which social buttons you would like to add to remove - those ​which have the box checked next to them (to the left), will appear, and the ones next to which the boxes are unchecked, won't appear in your content.

2. Configure the Options for Each Button​

As soon as you add a button to your content (as described in Option 1)​, a new tab will be added to this section where you can set the URL of the site you want to be shared / liked / tweeted by the visitor who clicks on the given button.

If you leave this ​area empty, the site where the button is located will be automatically the one to be shared / tweeted / liked.

When you are configuring Custom Social Share Button, you will be asked to add your Facebook App ID in order to use the Facebook Share button:

Read about how to set up your Facebook App by clicking  here.

You can do the above mentioned configurations with each button you selected in Option 1.​

3. Save

To make sure all the changes are applied on your buttons, click on Save.​


You can decide whether you want a simple button to appear, or you want a number counter to appear next to the button as well (showing the number of shares, likes..)

If you select the Button+count option, this is how it will look like:

In case of the Custom Social Share Buttons, you can find the same option as "Button type". There are two things you can modify here: the first it whether you want the icons to appear with or without the text, and if you want there to be a counter next to each button.

The Icon only option looks like this (there are different styles for this):

The other thing you can modify under "Button type" is the Style - there are 5 different styles you can apply to your buttons to change their appearance.

Modify Order of Buttons

You can simply drag and drop the buttons and therefore changing their order.​

Total Share Count

This is an option you can have when you are modifying the Custom Social Share Buttons. You can set whether you want the counter for the number of total shares to appear, and after how many shares do you wish this to happen.

In the example below, you won't see the counter, before the content reaches at least 40 shares.

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