Payment Settings

If you checked the earlier option Will you be accepting payment for any of your events?, you will see the Payment Settings box after the ‘Appearance Settings’. Here you can configure general payment settings.

Payment settings

Specify the Currency that will be used on your site. Here you can enter the currency you would like to accept / receive via PayPal. You can find a list of the accepted PayPal codes here:

And here are some codes for the most popular currencies:

GBP – Great British Pound
AUD – Australian Dollar
EUR – Euro
USD – United States Dollar

You’ll need to enter your PayPal Email Address as well, so the system knows the account to process payments for. Simply enter the email address that is linked to your PayPal account.

Ticking the PayPal Sandbox mode? will use a PayPal Sandbox test account so you can test the payment process without actually processing live payments. You’ll need to enter your Sandbox account details in the PayPal E-mail address field for this to work. Once you finish testing, you can simply deselect this option, enter your normal PayPal E-mail address and you will be ready to earn some cash!

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