Event cancellation

To allow for easy cancellation of events, activate the Event cancellation add-on. Once activated, you’ll see theEvent cancellation settings box appear, where you can configure cancellation settings and customize cancellation emails.

Event cancellation settings

  1. Tick the Hide cancelled events toggle button to hide cancelled events from listings.
  2. Specify an Email batch limit for the maximum number of emails that will be sent in one go. The rest will be scheduled for sending.
  3. Customize the From email address that emails will be sent from.
  4. Enter an Email subject.
  5. Enter the contents of the email in the Email body section.
  6. Any Event macros included within the message will be substituted with the respective values when the email is sent.

This add-on also adds a “Cancelled” status and cancellation option within the event editor.

Events - Cancel button

Click the Cancel event button to cancel an event.

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