Connecting to Facebook and other platforms

API Settings

If you checked Allow Facebook and Twitter Login? earlier, you will be able to see the API Settings box, where you can configure various API settings for social services.

Events API Settings

  1. If you intend to allow Facebook logins, enter a Facebook App ID here.
  2. Ticking My pages already load scripts from Facebook will keep the plugin from loading Facebook scripts. This can help to avoid conflicts with other plugins. Use this if you already have another Facebook solution loading Facebook scripts.
  3. For Twitter logins, enter your Twitter Consumer Key.
  4. Enter your Twitter Consumer Secret as well if you are using Twitter.
  5. The Hide login buttons section lets you disable any of the login methods individually. Simply untick those you don’t wish to use.

For more information on how to create your Facebook and Twitter Apps, please see the below information:

Facebook App ID

You can get your Facebook App ID from here:

If you don’t have a Facebook App ID you can create one by following these instructions.

Twitter Credentials

You can get a Twitter App here: Make sure you set the Callback URL in the “Settings Tab” of the App for the App to work. Set the Callback URL as the link to your site.

You will need to enter your Consumer Key and Twitter Consumer Secret to finish this section of settings.

Note: If you get a ‘Whoa there! There is no request token for this page‘ message, do the following:

  1. Clear cache/cookies
  2. Create your app as instructed
  3. Go to ‘Oauth tool’ tab in the Twitter App and copy URI in the ‘Request URI’ field and paste it into the ‘Callback URL’ field in the ‘Settings’ tab
  4. Select ‘Access’ level (read-only or read and write) as necessary
  5. Save and proceed as mentioned above

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