Appearance Settings

Events+ does a great job of displaying events right out of the box, but for further customization, you can select or create additional page templates then select them for use here.

Appearance settings

The Override default appearance? option lets you select from additional templates provided with Events+. These templates help provide some variation in the appearance of the plugin in the front-end.

These template options are as follows:

The Archive template is used for lists of events, similar to how WordPress normally would list blog posts. The built-in templates are as follows:

  • Plugin: Calendar – A graphical calendar display of events by month
  • Plugin: Default – A master list of events with a sidebar for widgets
  • Plugin: Full Width – A list of events that spans the full page width

The Single Event template is used for individual event listings, when viewing a single event. These are the built-in Single event templates:

  • Plugin: Calendar – A simple event display with a sidebar for widgets
  • Plugin: Default – Event details listed in a nice, full-width display, no sidebar
  • Plugin: Full Width – A full-width display of the single event details

You also have the option to select from page templates that your theme provides. And by that means, you can add your own templates by simply creating page templates within your theme.

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