Adding your Facebook Page plugin

Where you find the Facebook Page plugin in your site you can either remove or enter your own Facebook page information. In this example we show how to edit an example in the sidebar and the main area of a page. 

If have have a Facebook page you will want to embed your page in this way. If you don't yet have a page we highly recommend creating one as the social proof it will bring to your site is very beneficial.

We recommend first setting up your Facebook ID

1. To get your code visit the Developers Facebook site page plugin.
2. Select Page Plugin
3. Enter your Facebook Page URL.
4. Copy the embed code

Take the top code from image 1. and place it in the Scripts area of the Thrive Theme - see image 2. (This step only needs to be done once)

Image 1.

Image 2.

The bottom code should then be placed wherever you want to Facebook plugin to appear.

To replace the Facebook embed in the sidebar go to the Widget area of the WordPress dashboard. Click on the box text as indicated and simply swop out with the new code

To replace the Facebook embed on the page use the Thrive editor.

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